The most powerful family of abutment-level processors by Oticon Medical

The most powerful family of abutment-level processors

In bone anchored hearing when it comes to audibility and understanding, power is everything. That’s why we are proud to present Ponto 3, the world’s most powerful abutment-level sound processor family. Ponto 3 gives you premium sound quality – even if you have a larger hearing loss.

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BrainHearingTM – because your brain is the most important part of hearing

If you have a hearing loss, you’ll know how difficult it can be to focus in noisy situations. When there are conversations and background noise, your brain has to work harder to make sense of the sounds it hears, which can leave you feeling drained.

BrainHearingTM is about a fundamental understanding of how hearing works – and how the brain makes sense of sound. At Oticon Medical we choose to always focus on reducing the listening effort a hearing loss puts on the brain. This to free up mental energy for more important things in life.

Ponto 3 supports the brain’s cognitive processes using the advanced sound processing technology of the powerful Inium Sense platform and Direct Sound Transmission. This type of sound transmission sends sound straight to the bone and on to the inner ear and the brain without it having to travel through the skin, which can dampen sound. In this way Ponto 3 reduces the effort spent on listening and helps the brain to:

  • Orient itself and understand what’s happening around you
  • Separate relevant sounds from competing noise
  • Focus in noisy environments
  • Recognize a sound and make sense of it

Powerful sound quality

Ponto 3 is the most powerful family of abutment-level sound processors in the market. This power gives you a greater volume range so loud sounds remain loud but not distorted and softer sounds are audible.

The unique UltraDrive™ technology in Ponto 3 SuperPower together with the new Inium Sense platform enables this power while minimizing the risk of feedback.




Ponto 3 also has the industry’s widest frequency range. Hearing a wider frequency range has been shown toincrease the speed of language learning1.

Power to focus and understand

Ponto 3 uses the FreeFocus directional system, designed to help the brain focus while continuing to orient and separate sounds. It automatically switches between different modes to keep sound clear even when you move from one listening environment to another. With its unique new FreeFocus directionality, Ponto 3 provides 15% better speech understanding in majority of situations typically more than 70% of time2.

At the same time, the Inium Sense feedback shield lets you avoid potential feedback that can interrupt speech understanding and communication. This advanced Feedback Management system runs continuously to detect and eliminate feedback quickly and efficiently without affecting the sounds you want to hear.

Power to participate

The Ponto 3 can be used with the Oticon Medical Streamer and ConnectLine Appfor iPhone®, IPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ smartphones and tablets – without compromising power, sound quality or battery lifetime.

Whichever Ponto 3 you choose, you can be sure it will deliver the reliability and performance an active lifestyle requires. All aspects of the Ponto 3 have been extensively tested to ensure they meet thehighest requirements of quality.

SuperPower made beautiful

The Ponto 3 SuperPower has all the power you need in a single-unit abutment-level sound processor. The advanced UltraDriveTM technology of the Ponto 3 SuperPower means you can enjoy premium sound quality in the same discreet design as users with a more minor hearing loss.

Chroma Beige Mocca
Diamond Black

Ponto 3 is available in six different colors including the new Pure White and Steel Grey. It can also be personalized using skins – now available in new colors – or stickers in new designs to match your mood or style.

1 Pittman AL (2008). Short-term word-learning rate in children with normal hearing and children with hearing loss in limited and extended high-frequency bandwidths. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research. Vol. 51; 785-797. The study included both normal hearing and hearing impaired children who were exposed to limited and extended bandwidth. No conclusion can be drawn from this study with regards to Ponto 3.

2 FreeFocus feature test report (2016), Oticon Medical report no 34425-00

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