The 2016 Ear Community Microtia and Atresia summer family picnics are here!

Ear Community

Ear Community

Ear Community would like to thank our amazing sponsors for helping make our Ear Community Microtia and Atresia family picnics possible once again this summer!  At our Ear Community picnics, you will not only be given an amazing opportunity to meet other families in the same situation who have Microtia and Atresia, but you will be able to share experiences, meet others with the same little ears and some new ears, and learn about all of your options for FREE!

In addition to anaplastologists helping us learn about prosthetic ears and Microtia and Atresia repair surgeons helping provide us with the facts on surgical reconstruction options (rib graft and Medpor), you will also have the opportunity to try on all of the latest Baha/BAHS hearing devices and ask audiologists questions about hearing loss!

Thank you to: Cochlear Americas, Medtronic (Sophono), Oticon Medical, and Stryker CMF for being with us on our special picnic days coming up this summer!

A very special thank you to Vanderbilt Medical Campus, University, and Children’s Hospital for collaborating with us for our FREE Nashville, Tennessee Ear Community event and conference taking place on Saturday, July 16th!

So, make it a fun road trip to come see everyone this summer at an Ear Community picnic!  We’ll provide a delicious lunch and have lots of fun for the kids with face painters, balloon artists, and magicians and more!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at a picnic near you!  You may RSVP to our Ear Community picnics at the below e-mail addresses:

This summer, Ear Community will host six picnics in the following locations:  
1.  Salt Lake City, Utah on June 4th – RSVP to Heidi at 
2.  San Diego, California on June 11th – RSVP to Leslie at  
3.  Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin on June 25th – RSVP to Ashley at 
4.  Louisville, Kentucky on July 9th – RSVP to Melissa at 
5.  Nashville, Tennessee on July 16th – RSVP to Melissa at  *  Our Nashville Ear Community picnic will be in collaboration with a FREE surgeon conference at Vanderbilt Medical Campus and Children’s Hospital.  For details on this Microtia and Atresia conference, please e-mail Erin Bernardo at  Our surgeon conference part of the event will begin at 9AM.  The following medical professionals will be presenting at this conference:
– Scott Stephan MD  Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Medpor, Vanderbilt
– Ron Eavey MD SM Director, Professor and Chair for Research and Causes of Congenital Ear Malformation, Vanderbilt
– Sivakumar Chinnadurai MD MPH Pediatric Otolaryngology Rig Graft, Vanderbilt
– Alejandro Rivas MD Neuro-otology Hearing Restoration in Aural Atresia, Vanderbilt
– Scott Fiscus B.C.O.,  Anaplastology Ear Prosthesis, Nashville, TN
and a Parent Panel
*  A delicious BBQ lunch will be provided as we kick off our Ear Community picnic along with a face painter, balloon artist, and magician.  We look forward to seeing everyone at our event.  A special thank you to Vanderbilt University and Children’s Hospital and Dr. Ron Eavey for making this event possible with Ear Community.  Please join us for an amazing day!
6.  Hamilton, Ontario in Canada on July – RSVP to Cindy at

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this summer!
Ear Community

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