Thank you for touching so many lives Curt Gorman…Ear Community will miss you!

Curt Gorman, Sr. Vice President of Oticon Medical.  He will be missed by many in the hearing device industry and around the world.  Rest in peace Curt.  Our thoughts and prayers to your family.

Curt Gorman, Sr. Vice President and past President of Oticon Medical. He will be missed by many in the hearing device industry and around the world. Rest in peace Curt. Our thoughts and prayers to your family.

Every now and then you meet someone in your life who just understands what it is that you are trying to do and they embrace you. A special someone who wants to help you because they see a certain passion in you. A certain someone who chooses to take you under their wing providing guidance and encouragement and expressing their excitement for what it is that you are doing. For me, that someone was Curt Gorman, Sr. Vice President for Oticon Medical US (BAHS division) (and past President of Oticon Medical US) because he believed in me and in helping children born with Microtia and Atresia.

Curt had a soft spot in his heart for wanting to help individuals with hearing loss, especially children. When Curt found out about the support group I had founded that helps children and adults who were born with missing ears, facial challenges, and hearing loss (Microtia and Atresia)….he loved this idea as helping kids was something he felt most passionately about. I remember when Curt took the time to spend half a day with me wanting to know more about my hopes and aspirations. He just listened to what I had to say….he listened and then told me how he and Oticon Medical would like to help. Curt was especially excited when I told him that I had decided to take my support group to the next level as a nonprofit organization. The smile on his face was something that I will never forget because I could feel his excitement and it was as if he knew that something special was about to happen. This is the kind of person Curt was. He had the ability to help others find what they were looking for and help them get there. He supported me in my efforts for my organization and I will forever be grateful to him for believing in me and in the Ear Community Organization.

Curt looked forward to being apart of Ear Community picnics and seeing all of the children and adults and their families come together, sharing their experiences. I know it meant a lot to him to see the tears of joy from the children and adults hearing for the very first time through the hearing devices at our picnics. It is my understanding that Curt was planning to attend Ear Community’s 5th Annual Colorado picnic (7/25/2015) up until the last moment, but his fight with cancer was becoming more difficult. He loved Ear Community. I truly wished I could have seen him one more time.

While I only had the privilege of knowing Curt over the past five years, I know he was an amazing person. Thank you for touching my life and the lives of so many others. Thank you for also believing in Ear Community and for wanting to help me help others hear better. You will be missed by so many in the hearing device industry all over the world.  You were an amazing person Curt. Thank you for making a difference in so many people’s lives and for being so involved in the community.

Tine Schou, Vice President of Marketing for Oticon Medical Denmark, says that “for many in the hearing device industry, Curt was the father of bone anchored treatment in the US as he was involved in Entific, long before Oticon Medical as well. His dedication to patients and professionals will never be forgotten. He was a very brave man and he worked for Oticon Medical until last week due to his dedication for treatment.”

For Alan Raffauf, Vice President of Marketing Oticon Medical US, and Oticon Medical staff….I know Curt was an amazing mentor, friend and colleague to so many of you in the office. I can only hope that all of you can find comfort in his passing and heal quickly knowing that he will always be with you and how his life impacted all of yours.
– Melissa Tumblin (Ear Community Founder)

For DeAnn, (Curt’s wife), and two sons (Jerrit and Alex), I know you made Curt so very happy because every time I met him, he was always happy.  I enjoyed discussions with him about Jerrit and Alex and wrestling, and college, etc…  I know he was loved by you and enjoyed his life with you. Please thank your mom, DeAnn, for making the cute satchel bags for my daughters with the butterflies on them.  Curt was so excited to give them to my daughters with all of the goodies in them.  My girls still use them!  Curt had an amazing smile too.  Curt loved how Ear Community was born out of my passion for wanting to help other children like my youngest daughter, Ally.  Thank you Curt for loving my Ally girl.  It is because of Curt’s efforts in product development that he was able to help so many individuals around the world hear better.  I am thankful for him!  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and friends at this time.

We are thinking of you.
– The Tumblin Family

Rest in peace my friend. Thank you for being the person you were Curt!
Melissa Tumblin and Family
Ear Community Founders
The Microtia and Atresia Support Group

Here are some favorite memories of how Curt was a part of the Tumblin family’s life and how he touched Ear Community:

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