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Hello Everyone,
I am very proud to say that the press release went out today (Tuesday, February 8, 2012) at 1PM EST for our new website in my efforts of helping promote public and educational awareness about Microtia/Atresia.  The press release was picked up by many business searches including Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Street Insider, Ameritrade, Spin Shell.TV (which is a Japanese search), Market Watch, Bradenton Herold, and many more (1110 results to be exact although some are bogus). In addition to the above mentioned searches, the press release also went out to “all” hearing journals.  I am very happy about this and very pleased. Also, since our website launched on Feb. 1st, Google and Yahoo have been indexing our site to make it more available in searches and so far we have had 1,164 visits to the site and 5,488 page views as since the launch of February 1st.  Below are just some of the links where our press release was announced:

Audiology Online:

Market Watch:

Street Insider:

Bradenton Herold:

Spin Shell (Japan):

Melissa and Ally (RMA/almost 2.5 years old) 🙂
Founders of Ear Community and the Microtia and Atresia Support Group on Facebook

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