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If there is enough of the ear present, you may decide to have Soft Tissue Ear Reconstruction instead of Rib Graft or Medpor. Soft-tissue reconstruction is an option for children or adults who have more of a cupped ear or or a “floppy” type ear where the ears is slightly smaller and mostly just folded over on itself. Even though your ear may be set slightly lower than your other (non-affected) ear, soft tissue can still be an option. Soft tissue is a good option to consider, especially if you do not want to go through the surgeries required for Rib Graft or just are not set on Medpor as an option.

Stage 1 soft tissue reconstruction through Aetna Insurance…

Below is a breakdown of approximated costs associated with soft tissue ear reconstruction:

Revise external ear: $11,929.00 (USD)
Revise external ear: $4,736.00
Outpatient fees: $2,632.00
Outpatient fees: $2,509.00
Outpatient fees: $1,203.00
Surgeon’s assistant: $7,722.00
Anesthesia: $3,616.00
Visualization Adjunct: $7.00
Medications (antinausea): $13.00
Suture removal (same surgery): $150.00
Anesthesia for suture removal: $1,001.00
Other facility charges (suture): $4,429.00

Grand total

$39,947.00…may still require additional appointments for tweaking.
* The above fees are always subject to change and may vary based on hospital and medical facility charges. These fees are approximated and are subject to change annually. In addition, insurance coverage can also vary from provider to provider.

I would like to thank our group member, Melinda Brady for posting this for our group members to learn from. Thank you Melinda!

Melinda – mommy to Shae 3 1/2 RMA

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