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The below information is for global conferences where you can attend, meet, and speak with top reputable surgeons about Microtia Repair (both Medpor and Rib Graft) and Atresia repair. These conferences typically have a duration of two to three days in length where families can meet others in the same situation and also have separate surgeon scheduled appointments (approximately 15 minutes in length).
* Please remember to bring your child’s or adult’s CT scan for review by the surgeons on site.

These conferences usually occur annually. Each of these conferences include information on canalplasty, Rib Graft, Medpor, hearing loss and the latest in hearing technology, prosthetics, plastic surgery, tumor removal, etc… Top surgeons such as Dr. Joseph Roberson, Dr. Brad Kesser, Dr. Arturo Bonilla, Dr. John Reinisch, Dr. Sheryl Lewin, Dr. Ron Eavey often present along with many more top medical professionals including ENTs and audiologists.

The conferences organized through the “Let Them Hear Foundation” and the California Ear Institute will include information on canalplasty and rib graft and medpor surgical technique options for ear reconstruction. If you are interested in attending these conferences you may contact CEI Medical at phone (650) 494-1000 or visit the two following websites: or

For additional information on the conferences through the Let Them Hear Foundation and the California Ear Institute, you may also contact Tracy Scandlyn at

These conferences often take place in the following countries:
United States
* For the Australian conference, please visit and search for Microtia Conference information. You can also find registration information for the Australian conference at: or

LAMAC and Earicles Conferences
There is also a conference that takes place in the United States hosted by Dr. Sheryl Lewin on the Medpor options.  Additional guest surgeon speakers for rib graft and canalplasty are also part of the guest speak and the location varies from year to hear.  For additional information on LAMAC and Earicles conference information, please contact Tiffany Wilke at the Earicles Facebook page: or through Dr. Lewin’s website: or via ph:  310.828.1414 or via e-mail at:


If you require additional information, please feel free to contact Simone Cheadle at

New York, USA

* There is also a conference that often takes place on the East Coast. For more information on attending this conference, you may contact: Denise Greene at: or or at ph: 212 620-4040 x 63.

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