Jay R’s Story

Jay and his outlook on life as having Microtia as a gift.

Hi everyone! You can call me by my nickname Jay.  I have a GRADE 3 Microtia and I am 20 years old. I’m from the Philippines.  Back in my childhood days, I had no issues about my condition and continued my daily physiological activity just like any other kid. I’m now in college.  I wasn’t aware of what my condition was called and even thought to myself that maybe I am the only person who has this gift.  Not until a turn of event when a friend of mine avoided me (that was last year) because I usually have my hair grown long, but since I’ve decided that I must build my confidence that I must no longer hide in the shadows. So, I thought that was the day, but I expected so much that my confidence shattered into tiny fragments, when my friend avoided, that was a devastating experience for me.  After crying and having experienced depression, that (sorry God) I thought of committing suicide, and saying to myself that there are many other perfect people out there that they will not even notice if I am dead, but God really works in mysterious ways… I came to my senses and I searched the internet “person’s with one ear” and the result was microtia atresia.  Then I realized that I have a purpose, that is to touch peoples lives and for me to grow and achieve my dreams. Now, I still have my hair cut short and am beginning to focus on what really is important. At first it is difficult and still at this very moment I’m typing this but reading some motivational books, biography and all other stories of persons having microtia.  I’m giving myself a reason to get up in the morning and still enjoy the things that I have. I hope in times when I’m down I can share my worries and anxiety with others. I want also to hear your stories especially to those who are older than me.

I sure I hope I can inspire someone and tell them straight to their hearts that life has different melodies, its up to you to compose your greatest master piece for all to be heard and acknowledged.

Much love, Jay ♥

…and by the way Ally is soooo beautiful 🙂


  1. sherville7 says:

    Hi Jay, I just gave birth to my baby last October. He also has the same condition: Microtia Artesia. Other than that, he’s a perfectly healthy baby and we love him so much. I guess as a parent, I do have worries for his future and it was nice to stumble upon this page. I was also thinking about letting him grow out his hair so that it wouldn’t be noticeable. I’m sorry to hear that a friend of yours decided to avoid you after finding out about your condition. I can’t believe anybody would do that. One of my worries is that he would get bullied as he grows up and I wouldn’t know how to help him. Did you ever encounter anything like that? What kind of trials did you have to go through as someone who has microtia?

    Thank you in advance and happy holidays to you.

  2. Hi JayR thank you for sharing your story. Just like you, I also have microtia and living here in the Philippines. Can I ask for your facebook account, I want to be your friend and talk about things. 🙂

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