Meetings With Cochlear and Sophono…

In November of 2011, I was invited to a meeting with marketing at Cochlear to discuss how Cochlear could help our support group.  We discussed the global picnics and we also discussed the launch of the new website.  Cochlear is excited to help our support group bring families together at our picnics too.  It was a very nice meeting and I appreciate Cochlear also wanting to help promote awareness about Microtia and Atresia through our picnics.  Thank you for supporting our support group and its members and for being there for all of us in trying to help bring all of us together so we can share experiences.  Thank you!

In November, I also had a very nice phone call with Sophono discussing our group’s summer picnics and Sophono is thrilled to participate.  Thank you Sophono for helping me bring families together and learn about “all” of their options. 

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