Meeting with Cochlear Regarding Medicaid in Colorado for BAHA Coverage…

On October, 26 2011, a group and I met with Donna Sorkin, Vice President of Consumer Affairs for Cochlear, George Cire (renown audiologist and BAHA expert), and Tara Oneill (insurance specialist for the rocky mountain region).  Other members of the group at the meeting that night included Dr. Cheryl Johnson (one of Colorado’s top audiologists), Lyn Bopp (guide by your side representative for the Hands & Voices Organization) and Debbie Mohney (Coordinator for Colorado for the Hearing Loss Association) including a family with a child who has Microtia/Atresia and wears a BAHA among other members representing Cochlear and insurance specialists.  The goal behind this meeting is to try and help get Colorado Medicaid coverage for BAHAs.  Currently, Colorado as a state is not recognized through Medicaid services to cover BAHA products for infants to age five.  More meetings will be scheduled with attorneys and Medicaid personnel in hopes of establishing Medicaid coverage for the BAHA and younger children who have a unilateral/bilateral hearing loss.

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