I Share My Latest Document on “10 Helpful Tips for BAHA Wearers” With Our Support Group…

In October of 2011, I release my latest document called “10 Helpful Tips for BAHA Wearers” with members of our support group, medical professionals and additional support groups and helpful resources.  This document received an overwhelming response by the community.  I received numerous e-mails from audiologists, surgeons, medical professionals such as therapists and staff from early intervention programs, hearing loss associations, and schools for the deaf and blind.  I had many medical professionals and therapists ask if they could publish this document in their organization’s news letters and hand out to their patients.  The main goal for this document was to provide some helpful information on sound processors, hearing loss, and bone conduction technology in general along with providing some tips on how to wear sound processors more easily and how to get the most out of your sound processor.  Thank you to everyone in every field of medicine and in children’s healthcare who enjoyed reading this document and found it educationally helpful.  Also, thank you to everyone for taking my thoughts and passion for wanting to help others learn more in the community seriously.  I believe in advocacy whether it is self, parent or patient advocacy.  The power to know all of your options is invaluable.  Thank you for supporting a parent advocate…thank you for supporting me.

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