Hearing Loss Books

Books for Explaining Hearing Aids to Children

“Oliver Gets FM”
“Oliver Gets Hearing Aids”
Author: Maureen Cassidy Riski, M.Ed.
A book written by a boy’s sister explaining his experience getting hearing aids and wearing them in school.

Books for Explaining Deafness and Hearing Loss

“If a Tree Falls”
Author: Jennifer Rosner through the Feminist Press.
A book about a woman who finds out the secret hearing loss through her ancestry and how they must have dealt with it.

“On The Fence: The Hidden World of the Hard of Hearing”
Author: Mark Drolsbaugh
A book about diversity. Cochlear implants, sign language, stereo-types, self advocacy, experiences…anything goes and it is all in this book.

“The Book of Choice: Support for Parenting a Child Who Is Deaf or Hard of Hearing”
Author: The Hands & Voices Organization
A book about choices, experiences, what could have been different, and look what I have become despite being deaf and or hard of hearing.


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