Helped Organize a Hearing Aid Event at Children’s Hospital Colorado…

Dr. Sanya Richardson speaking at the hearing aid clinic at Children's Hospital Colorado

In May of 2011, I helped organize and advertise a hearing aid event at Children’s Hospital Colorado as a member of the Parent Advisory Council that I am a part of for Children’s Hospital Colorado.  I asked Ally’s audiologist, Dr. Sanya Richardson, to speak at our event and help educate us on the types of hearing loss, hearing loss technology and what’s new for improved hearing.  It was an educational session that was open to the public.  I also briefly spoke about Microtia and Atresia at this event and offered some helpful tips on BAHAs along with passing Ally’s bone conductive soft band head band processors around from Sophono, Oticon Medical, and Cochlear.  I also told everyone about our 1st Annual Summer Picnic that I would be hosting a couple of weeks from this event.

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