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Jim Crookston

My hearing problems started as a young boy. I was beset with very difficult ear infections and I had many surgeries to try to correct my problems, but nothing seemed to help. Then, at age 17 I was in a very serious car accident. The left side of my head slammed into a power pole and I was in a coma for 3 days. When I regained consciousness, I was left with an entirely different problem on my left side. My entire adult life, I have used a conventional hearing aid but only in my right ear. The left ear was unable to be helped.

About three years ago, I met a couple of doctors at the men’s Bible study I attend each week. I had accepted that there was nothing they could do, but after some prodding, they convinced me to have a surgery on my right ear. The doctor rebuilt the deteriorated inner ear bones with prosthetics. When I awoke from surgery, I could already hear better. For three or four months, I could hear really well out of my right ear. It was heaven! Sadly, it didn’t last. Previous scarring caused some problems inside that took that brief blessing away. I’ve since returned to using a traditional hearing aid in my right ear.

Oticon Medical came into the picture after that surgery began to fail. My doctor told me about it and he worked really hard to get my insurance to approve it. Thankfully, I was able to have the titanium implant and abutment installed on my left side. Since then, my quality of hearing has been incredible. I thank God that there is the new technology now to really help me and so many others with the terrible misfortune of hearing loss.


Jim Crookston

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