Free, Easy-to-Use Online Tools Help You Live Well With Hearing Loss

Ida Telecare

Ida Telecare

Whether you are just beginning your hearing loss journey or are an experienced traveler on the road to
better hearing, Ida Telecare, a new suite of online tools, makes it easier for you to successfully manage
everyday communication and important decisions related to your hearing.

Developed by the non-profit Ida Institute, Ida Telecare is a free, easy-accessed combination of quick and
easy-to-use interactive tools and engaging video “stories” that help you identify communication needs
and concerns that are important to you. Telecare tools can help you prepare for appointments so you
are ready to get the most from time spent with your hearing care professional. They can also provide
the ongoing support you need to live well with your hearing loss post appointment.

“Research consistently shows that people who self-manage their hearing loss experience greater
satisfaction with hearing care and hearing technologies,” says Ida Institute Managing Director Lise Lotte
Bundesen. “Ida Telecare helps you do just that by empowering you to make decisions that are right for
you as you learn to live well with your hearing loss.”

Telecare tools give you the personal support you need to successfully navigate each phase of your
unique hearing journey:

Living Well prepares you for first and follow-up appointments by encouraging you to think about your
needs and concerns before you arrive for your appointment. A series of open-ended questions help you
identify where and when it is most important for you to communicate well.

My Turn to Talk allows you prioritize the most important people with whom you communicate and
helps you prepare your thoughts, concerns and questions before you meet with your hearing care
professional. Web-based drag-and-drop technology lets you drop your communication partners into
rings to indicate those who are “most important” and “very important” as well as those who are less
important but present on a regular basis. You then complete a series of prompts — “I’m happy about…”,
“I hope…”, “I want to talk about…” and “I’m concerned about…”– that help you organize your thoughts
and ensure your concerns are addressed during your appointment.

Ida Telecare

Ida Telecare

Everyday Life with Hearing Loss provides five tips to help you manage conversation well in daily life.
You’ll find simple strategies to alert others to your hearing loss, to improve your opportunities for better
communication and to work together with your communication partners to enhance day-to-day

Storytelling Videos let you gain insight and inspiration from the personal experiences of other people
with hearing loss. Discover what others do to improve their ability to communicate well in family, social
and work situations.

You can save notes and completed sessions to your home computer and email to your audiologist or
print out to bring to your appointment. With this information, you can work together with your hearing
care professional to map out communication strategies and shared goals that work best for your needs
and lifestyle.

“How you choose to work with and learn from Ida Telecare is up to you,” adds Bundesen. “The tools are
flexible enough to accommodate a range of individual needs and interests. Ida Telecare offers a wealth
of practical guidance and inspiration whether you are visiting it for the first time or returning for
continued support throughout your hearing journey.”

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