Ear Community proudly awards its seventh college scholarship

Cailin O'Hern from Richmond Hill, Georgia, Ear Community college scholarship recipient for Fall 2016, Point University

Cailin O’Hern from Richmond Hill, Georgia, Ear Community college scholarship recipient for Fall 2016, Point University

Meet Cailin O’Hern from Richmond Hill, Georgia. Cailin just graduated from the twelfth grade as a home-schooled student. Cailin was born with Microtia and Atresia of her right ear. Cailin says that having Microtia and Atresia was challenging for her over the years as she often felt awkward and self-conscious when asked about her ear. She also found that being in social situations was challenging when she couldn’t hear well because of her hearing loss. However, Cailin has learned to become quite good at lip reading and positioning herself to where her hearing ear is toward the conversation.

Cailin is a fan of classic literature and she is an artist. She has enjoyed being the newspaper-book editor at Landry Academy (an online home-schooling community) and enjoys writing and reading very much.

Cailin is excited to attend Point University this fall in Richmond Hill, Georgia. With the help of a $750 college scholarship that has been awarded to Cailin by the Ear Community Organization, she will be able to achieve her educational goal of furthering her education in literature and the arts. Cailin’s dream is to become an author. She would love to create stories that help young children not only understand and accept their physical differences, but empower them to excel because of their differences.

It was a joy speaking with Cailin and her family when I called to let her know that the Ear Community Organization’s board of directors had voted to award her a college scholarship. What was so special about this phone call is the day that I called to tell Cailin the good news was her graduation day and that just made her day even more special. A special thank you to the Resort2Kindness Organization for helping make Cailin’s scholarship possible.  All of us here at Ear Community are proud of you Cailin and we know you will achieve your goals and dreams. We look forward to reading some of your wonderful stories someday. Congratulations for all of us at the Ear Community Organization!

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