Ear Community National Microtia Awareness Day items are now available…

Hi Everyone!
Our National Microtia Awareness Day items are now available for purchase through our organization’s website at:  www.EarCommunity.org/donate  This is a fund raiser for our organization.  We have a secure link for making a credit card donation.  In the DESCRIPTION LINE, you can briefly put what you would like of the items below.

***  Order deadline for the United States is October 25th, 2017 ***
***  Order deadline for international orders is now over  *** 

Below are the awareness bracelet items that our organization offers:
***  Our Microtia Awareness t-shirts are also available!  For orders in the US, order by October 25th.  For orders outside of the US, order by Sept. 30th.  Order Ear Community National Microtia Awareness t’s here.

Many of you have been inquiring over the past months about purchasing our organization’s Microtia awareness ribbons as bumper stickers, static clings, brooch pins, and car decals to help raise awareness for Microtia and Atresia and so you can have them for our National Microtia Awareness Day on November 9th.

As a fund raiser to our Ear Community Organization, we have the following items now available (see labeled images):

1. Awareness Ribbon window/bumper sticker – $25.00/ea
2. Awareness Ribbon static cling that can be put on windows, microwaves/fridges, laptops, coffee mugs, etc… – $25.00/ea
3. Awareness Ribbon non-bling brooch pin – $35.00/ea
4. Awareness Ribbon bling brooch pin – $45.00/ea
5. Awareness Ribbon bling window car decal – $45.00

* The above pricing includes shipping for the US only.
Our beautiful Microtia Awareness ribbon was designed by Mark Johnson who’s daughter, Eva, was born w/Microtia and Atresia. Our beautiful bling and non-bling brooches and bling car decals were hand made by Elizabeth Bunting. Elizabeth’s Granddaughter, Hannah, was born w/Microtia and Atresia and when she heard about our National Microtia Awareness Day and our ribbon, she jumped at the chance to make these ribbons!
Elizabeth is known for putting the bling in the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfits. Our ribbons have that same bling! Elizabeth makes many of these same awareness items for the NFL and for other nonprofit organizations supporting Breast Cancer, Lupus, Leukemia, Brain Tumor, and the Military. Thank you Elizabeth! Our awareness ribbons are beautiful!

* The prices above include shipping for the US only. If you live outside of the US, you will need to send me an e-mail directly at EarCommunity@gmail.com letting me know what your shipping address is. I’ll let you know how much the approximate shipping will be and you can decide from there.
* Deadline for all donation orders outside of the US is September 30th and inside the US is October 25th.
* To make your donation order, place your order through Ear Community’s secure donation link at: http://earcommunity.org/donate/ In the DESCRIPTION LINE, please briefly state what you would like:
Example: 1 bling car, 2 non-bling pins, 1 bracelet (see next post). Then, make sure your total is correct before finishing your order.

* All proceeds go to the Ear Community Organization. You will receive a generated thank you e-mail for your donation that you can use for your tax deduction records for end of year.

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