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The following “thank you” was posted to our support group wall on Friday, February 17, 2012 by one of our support group members:
“My daughter is 3 1/2years old and for the first time today I feel like we have direction and are getting somewhere with her microtia and atresia. This is all thanks to this group and Ear Community. Melissa, thank you for all the long hours and hard work you put into this. Today Sophia was fitted for a soft band Baha which we weren’t informed was an option until I read about it on here. I was also able to get in touch with a lady at Shriners Hospital in Chicago who made us feel very hopeful about having medpor surgery done which again I did not know about medpor until visiting Ear Community. And, to top it all off, we had the pleasure of having met a lilttle girl with artesia through this site. Jennifer Barr and Melanie have been a blessing!!
With a very thankful heart!”
Melissa Parish Shemanski
Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us Melissa.
Melissa Tumblin
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