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Helping Joey hear better just in time for school

Joey Ordonez of Texas is thankful to hear better thanks to receiving his donated hearing device from Stephen Weiss of Pennsylvania. July 2017

Stephen Weiss, a CPA in Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania was excited to upgrade his current hearing device to a newer model. When Stephen upgraded, he wanted to donate his current hearing device to a charity organization where his hearing device could go on to help someone else hear better. After receiving his new Oticon Medical Ponto Power Plus 3, Stephen found the Ear Community Organization to donate his gently used Ponto Plus to that he had used for less than one year.  With Stephen’s donated Ponto being newer and in excellent condition, Ear Community was able to find a child who could benefit from Stephen’s donated Ponto.

Lorraine Ordonez was hopeful that she could find help obtaining a hearing device for her son, Joey, who was born with Microtia and Atresia of his left ear.  Lorraine had applied through her family’s insurance provider for a hearing device for Joey, but they were denied coverage for a hearing device.  Knowing that Joey was struggling with his hearing loss, Lorraine was trying to figure out how to obtain a hearing device for her son so he could hear better.  As a member of the Ear Community Organization, Lorraine belongs to the organization’s Gently Used Bone Conduction Hearing Device group on Facebook and saw a post come across for a hearing device that was being donated through the organization.  Lorraine is very excited that she was able to obtain this gently used hearing device for Joey.  Lorraine told Joey that he would hear better soon because he was finally getting a hearing device.

Joey was fitted with his donated Ponto Plus (made by Oticon Medical) this August thanks to Stephen’s donation.   Joey and Lorraine are so thankful for this gift of hearing! Thank you to Stephen Weiss for searching for a charity organization where he knew he would be given the opportunity to give back to someone else in the community so they could hear better with his hearing device.  Our story is the first to let Stephen know that his donated hearing device went to a little boy named Joey.  Thanks to Stephen’s donation, Joey is now able to hear better and be ready for preschool where he can hear his very best.  Thank you Stephen for your donation and for helping pay it forward so a child could hear better who was unable to afford a hearing device.

Joey is pictured wearing his donated Ponto Plus from Stephen.  Lorraine wishes to thank the Ear Community organization for all that it does for Microtia and Atresia babies.

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