Attending the American Society for Plastic Surgeons Conference in Denver, CO…

On September 22, 2011 I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Brad Kesser and Dr. Burt Brent in person in between their scheduled presentations.  I have to say that was such an honor for me to have met them.  Both Dr. Brent and Dr. Kesser took the time to spend an hour with me and met my girls.  They both answered many of my questions.  Thank you for taking the time to meet with me in Denver!

On September 25, 2011 I attended the American Society for Plastic Surgeons Conference that was held in Denver, Colorado.  Dr. John Reinisch was so very kind to register me for the show.  I had the opportunity to spend half of the day with Dr. Reinisch at the conference where he helped me learn more about the Medpor surgical technique.  In exchange, I introduced him to some of my marketing colleagues who were at the show as well.  I was honored to have been invited to attend a panel discussion between Dr. Burt Brent, Dr. Francoise Firmin, Dr. John Reinisch, and Dr. Chalres Thorne on the “Controversies of Ear Reconstruction.”  This panel discussion was not open to the public and was invaluable for me.  It was also quite the honor to be in the same room with Dr. Brent, Dr. Firmin, Dr. Reinisch, and Dr. Thorne.  Dr. Nagata was also scheduled to speak, but was not available to be at the conference. Thank you so much for thinking of me Dr. Reinisch and for registering me for the conference.

Later that night, some members of our support group met with me and had a business dinner with Dr. Russell Griffiths who is a highly reputable plastic surgeon from Boise, Idaho practicing both Rib Graft and Medpor surgical techniques in one stage each.  Dr. Griffiths was very nice to take the time to help answer many of our questions.  Thank you so much Dr. Griffiths for being available for our group that night!

It was a wonderful learning experience to be able meet all of these world renown surgeons in person, but to be able to get the facts straight from them for our support group.  They all love our support group too and embrace it!  Below are some photos from the conference that week:

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