Attending a Local Microtia Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado…

In April 2011, I attended the “new” Microtia Clinic that Children’s Hospital Colorado now organizes.  At this clinic, I was able to meet with Dr. Peggy Kelly, a Rib Graft surgeon and also Barbara Lillo who is an anaplastologist.  I not only was able to physically touch and see some prosthetic ear models, but I had some of my questions answered as well.  Barb’s father happens to be the “father of anaplastology” as he coined the term, anaplastology as we know it today.  Following the microtia clinic, I waited outside of the clinic for an additional 2.5 hours hoping to catch other Microtia and Atresia families on their way out in hopes of telling them about the summer picnic for M/A families that was planning on hosting during the summer.  Two of the three families I spoke with attended our summer picnic.  🙂

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