Ally Receives Her First Loaner BAHA…

During the end of August/beginning of September, 2010, Ally receives her very first loaner BAHA.  She began wearing the Cochlear Intenso on a pink soft band head band.  When Ally was between 6 and 7 months of age, she was babbling and cooing.  Suddenly, around 8 months of age…Ally just stopped.  She would not acknowledge us when we called her name or even made sounds by her.  Ally wouldn’t even lift her head when we spoke to her.  Then around 11 months of age, at the audiologist’s office, Dr. Sanya Richardson turned on the Intenso sound processor and Ally whipped her head around and smiled at both of us as Dr. Richardson quietly said her name.  Both of us had such tears of joy seeing the smile on Ally’s face.  Honestly, it was “seeing is believing” and seeing Ally’s reaction to hearing through the BAHA.  It was an amazing day for all of us that day.  I will never forget that day because that was the day that my Ally girl became engaged with her environment and became responsive again.  During Ally’s therapy sessions, her therapists said “it was as if a light switch was turned on.”  Ally has been responsive and communicating ever since.

Below are some pictures of Ally the very first day we came how with the Intenso BAHA.  She loved hearing us talk!

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