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Welcome and thank you for visiting our community and support groups. Our community and support groups offer a warm and supportive environment for loved ones who have or know someone with Microtia, Atresia, Hemifacial Microsomia (HFM), Treacher Collins, Goldenhar Syndrome or a hearing loss. The intent for our community and support group is to provide you with valuable information, helpful resources, and options along with a chance to connect with other families and individuals in the same situation. The exciting thing about our community and support group is that I have done much of the research for you (although I always suggest that everyone does their own research in addition). Our community and support group will help you learn more about self advocacy, parent advocacy, and patient advocacy. You will learn about the options you have from birth through adulthood. You will learn about “bone anchored auditory devices,” hearing loss, surgical options, and how to be more confident as an individual. You will also find information on school IEP and 504 Plans including Early Intervention Programs. Most importantly, you will learn that you are not alone.

Members of our community and support groups in addition to the children, teens, and adults with Microtia, Atresia, HFM, Treacher Collins, Goldenhar Syndrome and a hearing loss include: plastic surgeons, Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, pediatricians, anaplastologists, nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, teachers, audiologists and audiology students, hospital administrators, health department personnel, family counselors, and various healthcare medical professionals.

As our community and support groups are global as we have family members who have found us from around the world.  Some of the members of our community and support groups are from the following countries:  United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Spain, Poland, Singapore, Ireland, Sweden, Brazil, Denmark, Ethiopia, China, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Netherlands, Taiwan, Serbia, France, Russia, Ecuador, Columbia, Estonia, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Finland, and New Zealand just to name a few.

Below is a list of some of some the organizations that embrace our community and support groups:
Hearing Loss Association of America
List Serve Agencies
Infancy Programs
Parent 2 Parent Organizations
Outbound/Outreach Coordinator Services
Early Years Programs such as Child Find and Birth to Three
Parent Guides
The Hands & Voices Organization
Universities offering Audiology Programs and Degrees
Schools for the Deaf and Blind
Children’s Hospitals
The House Research Institute
Audiology Online
American Academy of Audiology (AAA)
Educational Audiology Association (EAA)
Early Hearing Detection Intervention (EHDI)
Cochlear Americas
Oticon Medical
Stryker CMF

In fact, a link to our website and support groups can also be found on many medical professional websites.

Although our community and support groups may provide helpful information, this information should never be taken as medical advice. This information is not meant to be taken as the place of medical appointments with medical professionals.

Ear Community is a charitable organization that is under the wing of the Broomfield Community Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Ear Community was founded by a mother named Melissa Tumblin, who has a daughter who was born with Microtia and Atresia.  Melissa is trying to make a difference across the world by helping promote education, awareness, and advocacy about Microtia and Atresia.  If you like our website and have found it helpful, please consider making a small donation so that this website can continue to be maintained and kept up to date with the latest helpful information.  Ear Community has goals that it wishes to achieve, such as becoming its own entity as a nonprofit, in order to help individuals with Microtia and Atresia such as:  help with travel and hotel stay costs for those planning for surgery, help donate “new” bone anchored hearing systems to those who have been denied insurance coverage, and to award college college scholarships to individuals with Microtia/Atresia who have chosen to keep their little ears (as not everyone wishes to have surgery).  In addition, Ear Community will continue to host picnics around the world bringing families and medical professionals together so that they can be informed about all of their options.

Thank you again for being a part of our community and our support groups and I look forward to connecting with you. Welcome!

You will find us at the following support groups:
The Microtia and Atresia Support Group on Facebook
Microtia and More! by Ear Community on Facebook
Ear Community Microtia and Atresia Pen Pals on Facebook
Ear Community Gently Used Bone Conduction Hearing Devices on Facebook

Melissa Tumblin

  • Founder of the Ear Community (www.earcommunity.org), a charitable organization.
  • Founder of the Microtia and Atresia Support Group on Facebook, since May 20, 2010
  • Parent Advocate and volunteer for the AboutFace Organization (Canada/International)
  • Member of various advisory boards for hearing loss and advanced technology
  • Board of Director Member for the Hands & Voices Organization (Colorado Chapter)
  • Family Advisory Council Member for the Children’s Hospital Colorado for the Bill Daniels Center for Children’s Hearing
  • Medical device marketing consultant (electrog-surgical instruments/devices)
  • Proud mom to two very happy little girls, one with Microtia and Atresia of her right ear

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