3rd Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange…Deadline November 16, 2012

Hi Everyone! Below are the details for our 3rd Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange… This is an international gift exchange, so you may be assigned an international friend. 🙂 The minimum to spend on a gift is $20 (USD). Please take into consideration that the cost of shipping a package to another country may cost anywhere from $8 to $30 in addition to your cost of your gift. Also, once you have been assigned your exchange partner, please ship your gift as soon as you can so your exchange partner receives it in time for Christmas. If shipping a gift to another country, it may be delayed by a a week to three weeks in customs. Try and send it the cheapest way and ask your postal service for tips and help on how to do this.

Below is the information that will be needed from those of you who wish to participate this year:

DEADLINE is November 16, 2012 for this information.

Please send the following information via e-mail to Amy Gile at:  earcommunityss@gmail.com
Please send a nice card/letter with your gift and a picture of your child/family. Say a little something about your family and child in the letter/card to your exchange partner.

Parent(s) Name:
Child’s Name:
Child’s Age:
Likes and Gift Ideas:
About Your Child: ex. Left ear Microtia/Atresia

Please send the above information via e-mail to Amy Gile at: earcommunityss@gmail.com

* Amy has been one of our support group members since our group began in 2010, she hosted our California picnic that was this past July, and is mom to Sebastian (age 2.5 years old/LMA) and Stephanie (14 years old/Goldenhar Syndrome and M/A) and is one of my friends that I have made through our group. 🙂

Again, the DEADLINE for sending your information to Amy is Friday, November 16, 2012.

Helpful Tips when shipping your gift overseas:
– do not enclose food items (candy, etc…), toys that make sounds, and no batteries. This will help your gift make it through customs much easier.
*  If you do not celebrate Christmas, please consider still participating in our gift exchange, but as a pen pal. I don’t want anyone to feel left our because this is labeled as a holiday gift exchange. You can still be a part of this as a pen pal if that works better for you.
Thanks so much!
Melissa and Amy
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