Ear Community is presented Advocacy award by Oticon Medical

On Saturday, October 19th 2013, in San Diego, California, during the 3rd Annual Oticon Medical Patient Advocacy Conference, Alan Raffauf (VP of US Marketing for Oticon Medical) proudly presented Melissa Tumblin, Founder of Ear Community, with an award in recognition for her advocacy within the Microtia and Atresia community and for the opportunities and events that the Ear Community foundation makes possible to families and their loved ones who are born with Microtia and Atresia who have hearing loss. “It is an absolute honor to have been presented with this award in recognition of promoting advocacy and education for the Microtia and Atresia community and for recognizing the Ear Community foundation for the opportunities it makes possible to these families globally,” says Melissa Tumblin. Oticon Medical has been a wonderful supporter and believer in the Ear Community foundation for the past 3.5 years, including when the foundation was previously known as the Microtia and Atresia Support Group on Facebook since 2010 (prior to becoming the 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization it is today). Ear Community Board of Director members, Angela Sabal and Justin Bays, also presented awards to Alan Raffauf, Tine Schou (VP of Marketing for Oticon Medical Denmark), and Curt Gorman (President of Oticon Medical’s US subsidiary) along with Melissa Tumblin, recognizing Oticon Medical for being a Platinum sponsor for the Ear Community foundation and for recognizing Oticon Medical for their passion and commitment to helping families with Microtia and Atresia learn more about hearing loss and hearing device options. “It is truly amazing to see such positive results and change when medical device companies come together with charity organizations helping give back to the community, together” says Melissa Tumblin. With the help of Oticon Medical’s Platinum sponsorship (along with additional sponsorships) to the Ear Community Foundation, Ear Community was able to bring 1,500 family members and medical professionals together this summer alone at its family events in England, Spain, and across the United States.

Pictures from the event follow below:

Thank you,
Melissa Tumblin
Founder of Ear Community
Founder of the Microtia and Atresia Support Group

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